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Parents Testimonials

Tianyi has been with Ding’s class for four years, other parents often ask: “Tianyi, do you learn dancing, your neck and back are so straight, and you stand like dancer,”my child always replies proudly:”I am learning ballet.”

I once consulted a dance teacher how to make my daughter legs and neck longer since both her father and me are not tall and have broader shoulders, we know that we the genes can not change, so hope there are scientific method to improve the child’s figure. And the teacher told us ballet training is by far the best method to make the muscle slimmer, especially that of neck and calf, also it trains for beauty of elegance. That is why we joined Ding’s class, and it is our child’s luck to find Ding’s. since she can learn dancing happily, most of the Chinese dancing training are dull and hard. We parents can feel that, Mr. Ding teaches it to the students out of the love of ballet. My child has made significant changes in both appearance and manner by the Four years training in ballet, and we also have benefited as parents to know this performance art form more.

Tianyi always told me that she likes ballet class out of all ex-curriculum activities. She said she can leave all the school pressure behind once music is on and she lift arms and feel like a beautiful swan dancing in the lake. I am so moved hearing this. And I promised that if Tianyi likes, we would never cease the ballet class even though Tianyi will soon graduate from elementary school, learning ballet can benefit in all her life, we parents shall give our full support undoubtedly.

Zhang Tianyi ‘s mother (Child, 9yrs, Grade One graduated 2011)

Li Yujia has been in Ding's ballet class for one semester, she was the youngest one. After the first class, she no longer wanted me to be company, because the teacher is very kind. She loves the class so much, that one hour lesson is not enough. The biggest change is that her back is striaght now, and looks like a little adult.

We were afraid that she could not understand the detailed instruction well because of her age, during the public demo class by the end of semester, we surprisingly found that she was doing quite well. She is much stronger than before and we want her to keep learning ballet next semester.

Li yujia 's mother (Child, 4.5 yrs Grade Babe)
My child had joined dancing class in kindergarten for two years before she came to Ding’s ballet class, and she feels that dancing class in Kindergarten was hard and tedious, but Ding’s ballet class is full of fun, she is very happy to learn with fun, hearing this, we parents are really happy; in addition, the spacious and well-lightened dancing room matches the beauty and elegance of ballet !

LU biying’s father (Child, 8yrs, Grade Primary)
My daughter has been taking ballet class with Ding and Ms. Lin for three years, our original purpose was for her to have a better figure by dance training, surprisingly, my child not only has a prettier figure along with years of training, but also has stronger confidence and the elegant manner.

My child was very timid at the beginning, but Mr. Ding and Ms. Lin were very patient to her, making her from initial fear to having deep love in Ballet now, while learning the good manner and beauty of elegance from the teachers. I am very pleased as her father. I think it is the most fundamental thing needed for a girl to do well in a society. Thanks again for teachers’ diligent work.

Xu junhan ‘s father (Child, 10 yrs, Grade Four)
From the age of five, my small girl started to learn ballet in Ding’s class, it has been four years. Looking at her growing love for ballet, with the improvement of the ballet technique, we are very pleased as parents. Thanks for all teachers’ hard work!!

Liu ruoyi ‘s mother(Child, 9 yrs, Grade One)