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Our Faculty

Jincheng DING

Artistic Director/Master Teacher

  • RAD Registered Teacher's Mentor

  • RAD Certified Teacher (since 1998)

  • Danced with National Ballet of China(performance including swan

        lake, La esmeralda,The Red Detachment of Women,La Corsair etc.

  • Dancing instructor (till yr. 2000)(Beijing International School,German

        School,Japanese Embassy, Center of Hong Kong and Macau)

  • Member of China Dancers' Association

        Royal Academy of Dance Teaching Accreditation (mouse hover over to enlarge)
rad teacher's registration certificate rad teacher's registration certificate   rad teaching certificate rad teaching certificate

      Yuleisy  Gonzalez

   Ballet Teacher

  • Graduated from Escuela Nacional de Ballet La Habana

  • Teaching experience in Escuela Vocacional de Arte Olga

                                           Alonso González

  • Danced with Beauty Crown Theatre Center Sanya, Hainan

Gai  DING Jr.

Ballet Teacher/ RAD Exam Administrator

  • Acquired certificate of Ballet Summer School Course from Russian Ballet Academy in Budapest(Taught by Tatyana Mihajlovna,Nina Vladimirovna etc)

  • Studying in RAD Ballet Teaching Study (CBTS) Program 2014-2018

  • Attended RAD Vocational Advanced level Teaching Training Course 2013

  • Awarded Vocational Ballet Certificate by Royal Academy of Dance

  • Studied Classical Ballet in Joffrey Ballet School (New York)

  • Studied Vaganova Method/Syllabus with Bolshoi ballet school teacher

  • Studied RAD Graded and Vocational Ballet Syllabus

Libei CHEN

Classical Ballet Teacher

  • Senior Dancer in National Ballet of China

  • major in Ballet , Beijing Dance Academy

We have a great Faculty Team, in addition, we invite Senior teachers from other famous schools with various experience to attend and teach in our classes,

wang tang

Hong Kong Ballet Vice Artistic Director,Melbourne Ballet School Teacher Wang jiahong and his wife with our teacchers and Grade 3 Students(2015.6.)


Mrs.Viktoria Seregi from London Laban Insitute with our teachers and Grade 1A Students(2015.10.)


Ms. Song Sheng retired principle dancer from National Ballet of China,with our teachers, Primary and Grade 3 Students(2015.1.)