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How to make a Ballet Hair Bun?

  • Gather hair in a ponytail. Pull back as much of the hair as you can. Hairspray any loose hair, comb it back and secure the ponytail with a hair band.
  • how to make ballet hair bun step1

  • Twist hair into one long strand and wrap it around into a bun shape. Use one or two bobby pins to secure the coiled hair into the hair underneath the forming bun.
  • how to make ballet hair bun step2
  • Cover the bun with a hair net. You can keep adjusting and tightening the hair net until it fits snugly over the bun. Use extra bobby pins if needed.
  • how to make ballet hair bun step3

  • Use as much hairspray as needed to keep the bun neat and to eliminate loose hairs. For thick, long hair, a flat bun is preferable--simply flatten the bun with the palm of your hand--removing the bobby pins you've placed over the hair net first--then secure the flattened bun with bobby pins.
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