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Our Ballet Philosphy

Established since 1997, directed and originally by Mr JinCheng Ding , a seasoned Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) certified teacher,he was also dancing with National Ballet of China, the studio has been established for more than a decade. We have unique philosophy and pedagogy in teaching, following the original RAD Graded syllabi while still giving the freedom to develop individual style and encourage personal interpretation, our classes are among the most popular in Beijing. We create training syllabi with Russian Vaganova Method with music gernes from the world top Ballet schools such as Vaganova and Bolshoi ballet school, L'ecole de Danse de l'opera de Paris, (Paris Opera Dance School), creating the valuable learning experience for the students and cultivate their passion for dancing.

丁老师芭蕾rad history

We are the first established studio with RAD Accredited Exam Center certification in Beijing where students can learn the original RAD syllabi, take the RAD graded and vocational graded examinations and awarded Certificate by the RAD headquarter in UK.

Our goal is to promote classic ballet and help every student develop their ballet and dance techniques,learn etiquette,build figure, fitness,study body expression, learn music and art of dance appreciation skills.

Thank you for all supports from students and parents.

Ding's Ballet Studio

June. 2009