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Ding's Ballet has officially relocated to Xin Hua International Plaza

Our Studio was designed by Mr. Ding's Family and a professional design team, In addintion to the Central AC system of the Plaza, we build our own AC system with Mitsubishi Heavy Ind. and Geli Central AC System , we have Yamaha Aduio surrounding system , ergonomic lighting system , imported professional ballet floor mat, multifunctional changing rooms, and comfortable lounge. The plaza has first class bathroom facilities, and ample parking space。 The hardware of Our studio ensures our students would be able to do their best in the exams and training。 In France, Classical Ballet requires most on the proper use of eyeline, which can only be fulfilled with good space.
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Studio Room


Studio Room




Locker Room

Xin Hua Int. Plaza

View from street

Studio Room


Straight to the elevator hall

Elevator Hall


Ground Parking lot

security checkin system